"Ultrasonic metal welding"

Artikel-Nr.: 2032
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Structural aspects of metal joining, stretching and stamping using ultrasonics metal welding are investigated and the mechanisms of the metal connection in the ultrasonic welding process are found.

The ultrasonic welding process is already being used for the production of solar heat collectors.

Abstract: The structure and component distribution at the weld interface of ultrasonically joined (welded) metal pairs was investigated using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and light optical microscopy (LOM) in order to understand the bonding mechanisms and processes which enable the ultrasonic joining of metals. The metal pairings copper-copper, copper-aluminum, copper-silver (silver-coated brass) and copper-steel were welded. Thus, it can be concluded about the main mechanisms responsible for ultrasonic joining of metals.

The plastification and plastic deformation of the metal workpieces being joined or stretched while held under constant contact pressure plays an essential role in ultrasonic welding. Deformation stages and mechanisms peculiar to the ultrasonic joining process are theoretically discussed.

Technological and technical problems are discussed too.

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