"Ultrasonic treatment of metallic workpieces and equipment parts"

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Experimental studies and theoretical analysis of processes during the ultrasosonics effect on metal workpieces and equipment parts after their  production and  mechanical treatment

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Abstract: Experimental investigations of the ultrasonic effect on metallic objects clearly demonstrate that the ultrasonic treatment of metallic rubbing surfaces causes the friction reduction and smoothing of their roughness.

Theoretical analysis of processes in metals during ultrasonic action indicates that for the treatment of metallic workpieces after their mechanical manufacturing and processing is expected not only complete reduction of elastic residual stress, but also an improvement of mechanical properties (for example by refining the grain structure).

The light microscopic studies of the surface of threaded parts of the photographic lens of a camera after their manufactoring, their hand polish, and after their different ultrasonic treatments are performed. The ultrasonic treatment of lens parts is found as significantly more effective method compared to hand polishing.

The effectivity of the ultrasonic treatment at different application of the horn on the two lens components and the horn shape are also studied and discussed.

The ultrasonic treatment is less ornate and much faster (duration of treatment is in the range of seconds) than the conventional methods, can be easily automated and incorporated in other production processes.

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