EU-, USA-Patent: "Electrical protective breaking device"

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Patents: EP 0 999 570 A1, US 942.640-12

Electrical protective breaking device with memory element and memory alloys therefor.

(Priority: 06.11.1998)


Object of the Invention:
A new electrical low-voltage or high-voltage fuse (breaking memory-fuse) with a breaking insert made of a Cu-base memory alloy that is especially suitable for electrical aims.

Fuse construction:
The memory insert makes possible a new simplified fuse construction with a new-formed casing. The insert made of a Cu-base alloy can be at the same time enlarge to contact blades and can serve after its rupturing as a triggering indicator.

In the case of overload or short-circuit currents in the electrical power system, the insert securely fitted in the fuse breaks itself due to increasing internal mechanical stress at a point with a calibrated breaking limit.

New Cu-base memory alloys with special for electrical engineering suitable properties are invented too.

Application fields:

  • Electronics and electrical engineering, in electrical devices, for switching them off without arcing when they are subjected to thermal loads, overload and short circuit currents.

  • Especially suitable to protect of the 42-V direct current board net of future auto cars, where the arcing danger is especially very high at the current interrupting.

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